Consulting and project management for EU & National Funding programs

Consulting and project management for renewable energies

Agricultural consultancy - land purchase

Since 2000 we are consulting EU-Programs within the Structural Fund (SOP-IEC, ROP) and EFARD as well as National Funding Programs in Eastern Europe with focus on Romania. (more)
Identification of suitable locations and local partners. Project development up to status "ready for construction. Due diligence and second opinion studies for projects in development or already permitted projects. (more)
Consulting for buying and selling of agricultural land. Consulting and project development for farming and "energy farming". (more)

Agricultural consulting - renewable energy from agricultural raw materials and residues

Export consulting, Country studies, Sector analysis, Feasibility studies

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Planning, project development and participation as shareholders in renewable energy projects for generation of electricity and heat from agricultural raw materials and residues. (more)
Clients: Private companies, Public sector und Chamber organisations.
Branches: Renewable energy, Agriculture, Food processing, SME and Industry.
Countries: East and Southeast Europe/Danube region. (more)
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